Our Mission

We support SMEs, not only startups, across most industries. We help scale companies fast -­ either as an advisor, investor, or by providing mentoring, infrastructure, training or a combination.

Our extensive business training and mentoring programs are developed based on the real world entrepreneurial experience of the founders -­ which have been proven to get results.


Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur

Are you sick of hearing advice from business coaches who have never run a business in their lives?

Get a ton of free business advice from listening to our series, recounting the stories, the good, the bad and the ugly of our collective 60+ years building, growing, buying and selling businesses…


Group Coaching for SMEs

Is your business hitting a glass ceiling? Do you feel like you’re working endless hours running a hamster wheel and going no-where? Having trouble recruiting the right team members, delegating, managing,
training and simply putting out fires?

This is exactly what this SME group coaching program is all about


Up-Skill Your Team

Too much to teach, not enough hours in the day? Are some of your team members causing more headaches than they’re solving? Are they lacking the skills to manage their team members, manage their time and resources, convert sales and lacking the communication skills needed to deal with customers, suppliers and colleagues without friction?

Our Partners

Rick Chisholm

Founder, Serial Entrepreneur and Mentor

Tala Chisholm-Profile
Tala Chisholm

Founder, Entrepreneur and Mentor

Martin Conboy

Outsourcing Specialist

Hayder Shkara

Commercial Lawyer

Alex Tees

Asset and Property Protection

Carsten Primdal

China Importing Compliance

Michel Nicholson

Business Continuity

Heather Marano Profile2
Heather Marano

SME Public Relations and Content Marketing

Natalie Murray-Jones

Branding and Trademark Lawyer

Michel Nicholson

Home and Business Automation Solutions

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