Mastermind Group Business Coaching
Empower Yourself With The Resources You Need to Succeed
8:30 – 12 PM | TUE MAY 8
30/192A Kingsgrove Rd Kingsgrove, NSW 2208

Mastermind Group Business Coaching
Empower Yourself With The Resources You Need to Succeed
8:30 – 12 PM | TUE MAY 8
30/192A Kingsgrove Rd Kingsgrove, NSW 2208

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Mastermind Group Business Coaching
Empower Yourself With The Resources You Need to Succeed
8:30 – 12 PM | TUE MAY 8
30/192A Kingsgrove Rd Kingsgrove, NSW 2208

Your Business Can't Survive on Good Ideas & Hard Work Alone

As entrepreneurs we have a lot in common.

… We set big goals
… We hustle hard
… And refuse to quit

We believe in the unlimited power of the individual!

After all, we’ve seen businesses rise from ‘homegrown garage startups’ to revolutionaries in their fields.
But the stories we hear in the media don’t match the everyday reality most business owners experience. The truth is…

Business owner smiles
76 Percent of Small Business - Innovest statistic

76% of Business Failures Are Due to Lack of Knowledge & Support

Most Businesses Lack The Knowledge & Support They Need to Thrive

Succeeding in any business – big or small – is a massive feat that involves overcoming daily problems from all directions. At any one time, you could be juggling cash flow woes, customer service disasters, legal liabilities, and more!

Why make the journey harder for yourself when you could be surrounded with the expert guidance, supportive community, and resources you need to skyrocket your growth?

Who is Business Coaching For?

We work with entrepreneurs in all stages of business, whether you’re a complete newbie or seasoned pro. While we love working with all sorts, we do have a screening process to ensure that only suitable candidates are allowed to participate in the program. This means both you and our current members are guaranteed the highest quality coaching experience.

Whether you're struggling with one or all of these issues, we're here to help!

  • You work around the clock but don’t make much progress
  • You feel like your business owns you, not the other way round
  • You’re a master of your craft but have no clue how to run a business
  • You’re afraid of growing faster than you can control
  • You need an extra nudge to get out of our comfort zone
  • You’re struggling to generate leads & customers
  • You value expertise and want to learn from the best
  • You’re looking for a proven path to follow in business

Designed With Your Results in Mind

Each group coaching session lasts 3.5 hours and participation is limited to 16 exclusive members. We’ve specifically designed the program to cover all the factors that effect your performance. The next time you step into your business, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation to propel you forward.

Eat - Laugh - Connect

Eat, Laugh, Connect.

Each session begins with a healthy breakfast where you’ll have the chance to meet the other members and become part of the tribe. The friendly faces you meet here will serve as your future support network and a source of quality referrals.

Jam Packed People

Listen & Learn

After you’ve had the chance to settle in and get familiar with each other, we shift into learning mode. The next hour will be jam-packed with practical tried & tested business wisdom gained by your mentors over the decades. If you ever wanted to fast-track your success, this is the place to be.

Now It’s YOU Time.

In this section, members are split into teams of 3 or 4. One-by-one you each take turns pitching your business to your group of trusted allies. Not only will this build you confidence for when you need it most, but you’ll get tonnes of priceless feedback about your pitch.

4 Member

Dream Big & Stay Accountable.

During this segment, you’ll work with your group to clearly define your goals and setup systems for holding each other accountable every day. You’ll have time to share your planned outcomes for the next month and boast about all the awesome achievements of last.

Dream Big Small Business

It’s About To Get Hot!

The ‘Hot Seat’ session is where members can seek input either from the whole group or from their choice of mentor alone. Each session will usually focus on one member’s issues and allow time for brainstorming that helps not only the member in the Hot Seat but ALL members.

Question & Answer Session

Any Questions?

To wrap up the session your coach will stand up and answer absolutely ANY questions you or other members may have. There is no such thing as stupid questions, anything goes!

Get Access To Knowledge Gained During 35 Years in Business

Your mental blueprint has an uncanny ability to either amplify or sabotage your results in business & life. Most entrepreneurs are unknowingly held back because they don’t have the right roadmap for success. During each session, your mentor and fellow members will gently support you and help you learn.

Small Business Owner

Business Management

  • Business planning: Putting together business plans and effective goal setting.
  • Business systems and processes: How systems can help you scale your business, delegate work and free your time.
  • Time and productivity: Increase your revenue and productivity whilst reducing your hours, hacks and automation tools.
  • Refining your business model: Understand different business models and identify the strategies of highly successful businesses that will help you maximize profits
  • Advanced problem solving: Address your day to day challenges like the multinationals do. Find out how quality assurance techniques can improve efficiency and significantly speed up your growth.

Financial Fitness

  • Accounting and finance essentials: Understanding the basics of accounting – your financial statements, budgeting, knowing your critical numbers.
  • Cash flow and funding: Unlocking cash flow in your business, managing payables, and receivables, raising finance and investor capital.
  • Financial intelligence: Reaching your financial end-goal, how can money work for you, creating passive income streams.
  • Minimizing risk: Avoid or mitigate risks associated with protecting you and your business assets from client interactions, ACCC, staffing and much more.
  • Protecting your investment: Understanding useful structure options to best maximise profitability, protect your assets and optimize tax.
  • Invest your earnings: Having a Plan B is smart business. Learn how to make long-term investments outside of your business.
Financial fitness cashflow accounting cover
Team building group session cover

Team Building

  • Outsourcing essentials: When and how to outsource, pitfalls and hacks to save you time.
  • Staff supervision and management: Giving good feedback to staff, effective delegation, project management essentials, etc.
  • Leadership: Leading an engaged team goes beyond good management and delegation. How to inspire others inside and outside your organisation.
  • Staff and contractor recruitment: Most important interviewing questions and diagnostic tools to ensure you’re not putting square pegs in round holes
  • Mastering communication: Public speaking and becoming a key person of influence, how to develop a magnetic presence
  • Business communication: Professional communication can achieve many objectives not limited to: increased sales conversions,decreased error rates, happier customers, more engaged staff and much more.

Superior Sales Strategies

  • Attracting attention: Find the most effective methods of attracting YOUR type of prospects, avoiding costly marketing mistakes and not following the herd.
  • Sales mastery: Learn how to convert the highest number of leads using various persuasion and communication skills.
  • Marketing planning: Building your 12-month Marketing calendar, identifying your ideal marketing medium, measuring marketing metrics.
  • Digital marketing essentials: Understanding important digital marketing concepts and traffic sources, successfully converting online.
  • Referral marketing: The art and science of receiving more business through referrals. How to approach existing customers and successfully ask for referrals.
  • Delivering unforgettable customer experiences: Business is no longer about customer service, it’s about customer experience. Learn about some simple techniques to completely transform your customer experience.
Sales Strategies cover

Meet Your Mentor

Nothing has the potential to inspire rapid growth and explosive results quite like high-quality mentorship from an expert in the field. Someone who’s been there countless times before and can give you battle-tested tips to take your business to the next level!

Rick Chisholm

Rick Chisholm is a serial entrepreneur & ‘no B.S.” business mentor. Starting from nothing, Rick pulled himself up by his bootstraps and founded 30 companies over nearly 4 decades in business. Some of them would go on to become multi-million dollar enterprises, others would threaten to send him back to square one.

He’s made almost every mistake in the book & came out the other end with a sales record of over $300mil. All without the help of big money, partners, or capital funding. What he learned on his journey may sound like common sense to some… but it’s often the small details that undo all our hard work when overlooked.

In a world where 95% of businesses fail…Rick now dedicates his time to empowering entrepreneurs just like yourself – so they can turn the odds in their favor.

Nothing great is ever achieved alone but together we can beat the odds!

Rick Chisholm Photo

"Rick has helped me with my business and personal development and I will owe him for a long time to come!"

Rick Founded 30 Companies

Here Are Just A Few
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Australian Educationa Alliance - Gray Logo-
Chisholm Coaching College - Gay Logo-
Employers Assistance Ltd - Gray Logo-
Planet Egypt - Gray Logo
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What Do Our Members Think?

As entrepreneurs, we know that the voices of our customers speak volumes about the quality of our business. That’s why we’re proud to show what our current & previous members have to say.

5 Star

I have worked with Rick for some time and found that their no-fuss approach to business resonated with me. Right from the start, the Coaching Club helped me to clarify my thoughts and begin to structure some robust business processes, delivering immediate results.

Michel Nicholson Picture
Michel Nicholson
Automation Squared

5 Star

If only I had known the stuff that Rick taught me BEFORE I started my Masters degree and wasted years of my life doing. Only to run my business and get hammered by customers that never paid up! I would have saved 5 years learning what I REALLY needed to know. No one I’ve ever met knows business like this bloke, he’s the real deal

Michael Grey
Michael Grey
MKG Events

5 Star

Rick’s guidance has been critical to the growth of my firm. I’ve had plenty of sports coaches, so working with a business coach made perfect sense to me

Hayder Shkara
Hayder Shkara
Neat Law Olympic Athlete 2013-2016

5 Star

Rick has certainly taught me the importance of KPI’s…apart from other aspects. It will change the way business will be conducted. Rick has got what it takes in taking a group of average people to the best of their ability.

Jeff Testa
Jeff Testa
Former Franchisee

5 Star

Very, very interesting. I recommend this event to anyone in business or thinking of staring one

Rogelio Ernesto Moreno
Rogelio Ernesto Moreno
ABC Squash and Fitness

5 Star

Incredible wealth of knowledge and great directions to managing and growing a successful business. Rick is a seasoned entrepreneur!

Ishwar Shretha
Ishwar Shretha
AWL Accounting

5 Star

When you first start working with Rick, you’ll immediately feel his contagious energy. His guidance has been critical to the growth of my firm.”

Hayder Shkara
Hayder Shkara
Founder of Neat Law

5 Star

For someone who’s not a lawyer, this guy knows more about law than anyone else I’ve ever seen!

Alex Tees
Alex Tees
Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Legal Exchange

5 Star

Rick has been my coach and mentor ever since I met him a few years ago. He has helped me with my business and personal development and I will owe him for a long time to come!

Raghid Alchikh Picture
Raghid Alchikh
Law Advisor

5 Star

When I think about the interactions I’ve had with Rick, whether that be more recently or from more than 25 years ago, I’d have to say that Rick is determined, enthusiastic, driven, polished, prepared, well-drilled, hard working and dogmatic.

Mark McInnes Picture
Mark McInnes
Keynote Speaker

5 Star

Rick helps us focus on what we’re good at, stay on course and implement new strategies, cut costs, and not make the same mistakes him himself made in his many businesses over the last thirty years

Veronica-Avila Picture
Veronica Avila
Co-owner, The Latin Store

5 Star

Amazing, agile and versatile! Rick is a very insightful man, the kind you want standing beside you in any situation! He is a fantastic speaker and one of the best MC’s around.

Michael Courtenay Picture
Michael Courtenay
B2B Expo Sydney 2017 Organiser

5 Star

I have known Rick Chisholm for well over 25 years and have had the privilege of being his Insurance Broker in all that time. I have witnessed Rick, from very humble beginnings, create Multi Million Dollar Enterprises over the years, in a diverse range of Industries and in very short periods of time, through sheer hard work and a business savvy that has been the envy of his peers and competitors alike.

Ken Killen
Ken Killen
Insurance Specialists

5 Star

Shortly after transitioning my part-time business to a full-time venture, I found myself needing to secure more regular, on-going business opportunities. I have worked with Rick and Tala for some time and found that their no-fuss approach to business resonated with me. They have helped me clarify my thoughts and begin to structure some robust business processes, delivering immediate results.

Michel Nicholson Picture
Michel Nicholson
Automation Squared

Ready to join the ranks of the elite few entrepreneurs that succeed in building a sustainable business?

Joining The Community Is Easy!

  1. Join us at our Kingsgrove monthly meet up from 8:30 – 12:00pm.
  2. Relax and enjoy a productive morning with our team & coaching members.
  3. If we’re a good fit for each other, then you’ll be offered a spot in the program

Didn't Find Your Answers?

Q: If the coaches are so great, then why is the program not more expensive?

A: Rick himself is a regular investor in promising early-stage startups. He loves the idea of being a part of the next BIG thing! That’s why he came up with the idea for offering unique & affordable group coaching that any serious business owner can afford. Not only does this give him exposure to loads of potential investment opportunities, but it allows everyone to get access to support when they need it.

Q: Why should I spend all this time learning about all these other business topics when I’m still trying to work out how to sell products and meet cash flow requirements?

A: Knowledge is power and knowing about each area of business will help you make the right decisions when building the foundation of your business.

Q: What’s the benefit of segments like the 'Hot Seat' session?

A: The Hot Seat segment revolves around one business in the group who volunteers to ask all the members for their feedback on a burning business question or suggestions on how to handle a certain challenge. Fresh ideas and group problem solving will re-invigorate your business as you start receiving suggestions from other businesses in the room as well as my personal experience from coaches.

Q: What’s the benefit of the accountability segment?

A: There has been a lot of research done in the area and the facts are clear that being kept accountable by heightens your urge to achieve your goals. Once you have made your goals and priorities public, you feel the positive peer-pressure and the urge to stand by your commitments. This alone can have the power to transform your behavior and results.

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