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Rick and Tala have run, bought and sold businesses all their lives, they’ve been there and done that for many many years. And I want a piece of that!

Heidi Yi
Make Up Tutorials By Heidi

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Shortly after transitioning my part-time business to a full-time venture, I found myself needing to secure more regular, on-going business opportunities. I have worked with Rick and Tala for some time and found that their no-fuss approach to business resonated with me. They have helped me clarify my thoughts and begin to structure some robust business processes, delivering immediate results.

Michel Nicholson Picture
Michel Nicholson
Automation Squared

5 Star

Rick’s guidance has been critical to the growth of my firm. I’ve had plenty of sports coaches, so working with a business coach made perfect sense to me

Hayder Shkara
Hayder Shkara
Principal at Justice Family Law,
Olympic Athlete 2013-2016

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Julie Hatz
MTA Travel Collaroy


Naina Gill
Arrange Capital


Debra Fraser
Back of House

5 Star

Rick has certainly taught me the importance of KPI’s…apart from other aspects. It will change the way business will be conducted. Rick has got what it takes in taking a group of average people to the best of their ability.

Jeff Testa
Jeff Testa
Former Franchisee

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When I think about the interactions I’ve had with Rick, whether that be more recently or from more than 25 years ago, I’d have to say that Rick is determined, enthusiastic, driven, polished, prepared, well-drilled, hard working and dogmatic.

Mark McInnes
Mark McInnes
Keynote Speaker

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Incredible wealth of knowledge and great directions to managing and growing a successful business. Rick is a seasoned entrepreneur!”

Ishwar Shretha
Ishwar Shretha
AWL Accounting


Ron Wade
Ron Wade Real Estate


Gareth Jones
B2B Insurance

Veronica Avila

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“It was a good way of reminding you why you are in business and to actually think about what business you are really in. It opened my eyes up”

Raymond Bazouni

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“I think that this is the first training experience where I have finished thinking ‘WOW’ as opposed to ‘What was I just doing for 2 weeks?’ “

Graham Brown

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Rick knows all the tricks of the trade. His rather imaginative approach to his lessons invokes interest from the time it begins to the end”

Livio Borghi

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“The good thing about Rick Chisholm is he’s honest. Its his honesty of saying what has to be said that pulls you into gear”

Philip Morgan

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“Top effort, well spoken & easy to follow with note taking & understanding of what you need to know.” 10/10

Peter Hoermann

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One of the most beneficial investment I have ever made – a big return on a small investment

Sandra Young

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“If teachers in high schools understood the teaching method employed by Rick, society would be a better place. Everybody would understand what making money and job satisfaction is all about”

John Frost

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“The training I received was not only relevant in business, but in personal development as well. This training is so in depth I feel it should be a part of a schools curriculum; it’s something you can’t put a price tag on.”

Jeff Testa

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“You’re fantastic! Rick has certainly taught me the importance of KPI’s…apart from other aspects. It will change the way business will be conducted. Rick has got what it takes in taking a group of average people to the best of their ability.”

Warren Hayward

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“I am excited to be part of this special event. Success is within reach. This training experience has without exaggeration, changed my life. The level of detail has far exceeded my expectations. My expectations of Rick Chisholm as a person and leader have been far exceeded by the leadership & mentoring attributes through his presentations. I have learnt a great deal through his philosophies and examples…”

Garth Martin

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“Totally enjoyed all aspects of the course, easy to follow and relevant” 5/5

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For someone who’s not a lawyer, this guy knows more about law than anyone else I’ve ever seen!

Steven Lee Testimony
Alex Tees
Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Legal Exchange