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Training Outcomes

Greater customer loyalty • understanding customer expectations • delivering customer experience instead of just customer service

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Skills developed

Good telephone etiquette, communication clarity, customer-centric focus, conflict resolution


  • Aim for customer experience not just customer service
  • Managing expectations
  • Handling difficult Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Customer service as it used to be is no longer the norm. There are many barriers to selling your goods and services.

Customers have access to many more options, are more skeptical than ever and the convenience of web sales will continue to compete with face to face.

  • What is a great customer experience? Why ’experience’ not ‘service’?
  • Creating terrific first impressions: Phone, Face to face, Web and Written
  • Cementing great lasting impressions, consistency and quality.
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Difficult customers, tools for dealing with conflict and turning them into a compliment
  • Take a customer centric view of your business
  • Understand the relationship between customer expectation and your business
  • Identify all the channels by which your customers experience your business

Workshops are not lecture-based. Participants can expect to learn and practice using role-plays, group and individual feedback.

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Customer Experience

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How to Deal with a difficualt customer ebook