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Innovest SME Business Mastery Program

6-day SME Business Mastery Certification Course

Take Control of Your Cashflow, Profits and Team Without spending the rest of your life working 100+ hour weeks
  • Unravel the riddle of streamlining your Cashflow
  • Discover the tricks to maximising your margin without finding new clients
  • Master the personal magnetism that will help you convert better,
  • Lead more effectively and persuade faster

2 day Business Ownership Practitioner Certification
Pre-Requisite included in Course, total 8 days.

Innovest SME Logo

Innovest SME Business Mastery Program

6-day SME Business Mastery Certification Course

Take Control Of Your Cashflow, Profits And Team Without Spending The Rest Of Your Life Working 100+ Hour Weeks
  • Unravel the riddle of streamlining your cashflow
  • Discover the tricks to maximising your margin without finding new clients
  • Master the personal magnetism that will help you convert better,
  • Lead more effectively and persuade faster

2 day Business Ownership Practitioner Certification
pre-requisite included in course, total 8 days.

Innovest SME Logo

Innovest SME Business Mastery Program

6-day SME Business Mastery Certification Course

Take Control of Your Cashflow, Profits and Team Without spending the rest of your life working 100+ hour weeks
  • Unravel the riddle of streamlining your Cashflow
  • Discover the tricks to maximising your margin without finding new clients
  • Master the personal magnetism that will help you convert better,
  • Lead more effectively and persuade faster

2 day Business Ownership Practitioner Certification
Pre-Requisite included in Course, total 8 days.

Do You Have a Degree In

Business Ownership?

You’re not alone, no-one does!


of business failures are due to lack of knowledge in strategic management and lack of business skills


only of typical business owners pursue any form of ongoing learning.


is the number of books that a fortune 500 ceo reads in a year

Scientist testing

The #1 one reason for business failures is NOT trading losses or lack of capital; it’s the lack of essential business skills.

This lack ultimately causes 96% of new businesses to fail in the first ten years of business.

Whilst the most successful business owners are reading 60 or more business books a year, the average business owner reads none…

Why? Because he or she is too busy putting out fires all the while struggling with cash flow that barely keeps them afloat.

Now even with over 2 million small businesses in Australia, there isn’t any certication available for Business Ownership, UNTIL NOW.

If you’re like most SMEs that survive for a few years in business, then you might have achieved some decent growth, but you may have one or more of these challenges:
business owner doubt
  • Growth has flat-lined.
  • Growth is promising and profit is positive but cashflow is holding you back.
  • Staff are unreliable, high error rates is driving you insane
  • You are working day, night and weekends and can’t stop for holidays. If you stop, the business stops.

These are the typical growing pains of business.

You have succeeded in developing your business to this point but the skills and knowledge that you have amassed so far are different from those necessary to take you across to the next stage.

business owner planning
But first, let’s answer the question:

What exactly do we mean by essential ‘Business Skills’?

Scientist guy

1. Building Blocks - Your Foundations

Every business has foundations from which you build. These are the operational skills and the perfection of your processes with efficiency. Managing your time, controlling cash flow and KPls. Its knowing your most lucrative clients and mastering your niche. It’s learning how to control every aspect of your revenue growth and profitability. No business can survive if their building blocks are not “mastered”!

Building Blocks - Leveraging - Scalability

2. Leveraging -Your Key To Passive Income

Any business that wants to grow has to leverage. Until you free your time and delegate tasks that eat your day, the scales are tipped against you. So how do you find quality people and manage them day to day? How do you free up cash and time? How do you create passive income systems that detach you from the day-to-day running of your business, even when your business is too small to hire staff? That’s what leverage is all about. Imagine creating a great plan and having someone else implement it! That is where your time should be spent, not on the day-to-day running of the business.

3. Scalability – The Ultimate Business Growth System

Scaling is how you thrive and take your business growth curve into the stratosphere. Using strategies like licensing, franchising, mergers and acquisitions and eventually selling your business at a massive profit now that your business no longer depends on you. To reach this stage you don’t just need operational systems, you also need growth systems and a carefully selected management team to implement them.

So how do you do it?
Innovest SME

Mastery Curriculum

1. Scaling your Enterprise
  • Systems, automation, and technology hacks
  • Implementing the 10X factor and fast track
  • Replicate, franchise, license, what are the options?
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • How to go to a 6 and 7 figure business FAST
2. Sales, Marketing & Branding
  • Using marketing automation to maximise ROI
  • Social media marketing using groups, bots and guerrilla tactics
  • Tapping into JV partnerships and strategic alliances to skyrocket your reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods
  • Public Relations hacks to give your business a free boost!
  • SEO essentials most websites lack – rectify them and enjoy the free traffic
  • Effective Referral marketing – how to get maximum mileage from happy customers & obtain know, like & trust
  • Planning your marketing activities
  • Effective Sales Enablement
3. Sales Methodologies, Communication, Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
  • Using DISC profiling to improve results with client conversion, staff selection and management
  • ‘Power’ in Negotiation and Influence
  • The art of consultative and relationship selling
  • Identify why negotiations become derailed and how to avoid the traps
  • Effective techniques for speaking confidently in front of groups
  • Tonality, vocal variety and body language
  • The 4 Characteristics of a successful persuader and how to embrace them with ease regardless of your personality: Savvy, Leader, Authentic and Passionate
  • How you can use body language and auditory clues to build rapport and mesmerise your listeners
  • Crucial conversations – tools to talking when the stakes are high
  • Public speaking
  • Confidence building strategies
  • How to handle difficult customers
  • Providing extraordinary customer experience
4. Time and Productivity
  • Business automation tools & building your business to scale FAST
  • How to plan, conduct and manage time-sucking meetings
  • The simple yet elusive techniques to effective delegation and project management
  • Avoiding Scope Creep
  • Simplistic communication strategies that has been known to double profits
  • Error minimisation
  • Systems Approach to ensuring continuous improvement in your organisation
5. HR, Management & Leadership
  • How to develop and repair company culture
  • Discover the most effective Interviewing tools to reduce staff mismatch
  • Successful staff on-boarding
  • Effective Performance management
  • Developing teams through coaching and training
  • Aligning your team’s priorities with yours
  • Profit sharing and incentive-based staff engagement methods
  • Handling alcohol and drugs in the workplace
  • Handling staff theft and misappropriation
  • Introducing lasting organisational change
6. Cashflow and Financial Intelligence
  • Effective cashflow forecasting
  • Strategies to extract necessary capital from your daily cashflow
  • Strategies to speed up collections and slow down payables
  • Analysing and Evaluating financial statements
  • Profitability and solvency ratios
  • Identifying and measuring critical Performance KPIs
  • Finance the business: leveraging, short- and long term financing alternatives and equity financing
  • Tax and how to drive your accountant to get better results
7. Legalities you have to know
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct, passing off and other common practices that could land you in jail!
  • Tricks to legal negotiations to save you thousands in legal fees
  • Fast tracking contract creation and resolutions
  • The critical terms of employment contracts, unfair dismissal, compliance, duty of care
  • Franchising, licensing and other fast growth and scaling strategies inc Franchise code of conduct
  • Copyright, data protection, confidentiality
  • How to drive lawyers to get best results without costing you thousands
8. Product and market development
  • Innovation and new product development
  • Product life cycle and how to make sure you don’t end up with duds
  • The tricks behind effective new product introduction into the market
  • Strategies for fast scalable growth in your market
  • Finding Merger and / or acquisition opportunities
9. Protecting yourself and your Business
  • How to defend your business/territory against newcomers
  • Asset protection – concepts and strategies for protecting your wealth
  • Structure your enterprise and wealth creation the right way from the get-go

Innovest Co-working space

An open plan professional co-working space is made available to our members at a subsidised rate. In addition, residents will have access to educational lectures, networking, meet-ups and Masterminds.

Co-working allows for dynamic interaction between resident companies, provides a vibrant social experience and optimises opportunities for collective support and input to SME members from mentors and management.

Innovest co-working space is located at Innovest Head Office in Kingsgrove in Sydney’s inner west

Business Success for Life

Want a copy of our Business Success for Life book? Request one below

    The Founders

    Case Study

    Rich Chisholm

    Rick Chisholm

    Tala Chisholm

    Tala Chisholm

    We are Rick and Tala Chisholm, separate people,separate skill sets. We have founded and run over 35 small to medium businesses over the last 30 years. Between the two of us, the direct sales revenue has well exceeded $300 million. Our experience spans across many different industries including Retail, Wholesale, Importing, Manufacturing, Installations, Hospitality, Franchising, Rental and e-commerce. If there was anyone that has tried and tested small business, it is us two!

    A few years ago, our businesses were turning just under $20mil per year and were the market leaders in their niche. And then, the GFC hit. Bricks and mortar retail was hit by online businesses and our importing was hit by eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and factories drop shipping from China directly. Discretionary spending plummeted and the future of the businesses looked bleak.

    After a gruelling few years, we both managed to pull our businesses back out of difficulty. Not only did the businesses recover, we became significantly more profitable than we were before the GFC. Scoring a whopping $750k turnaround in profitability over a 4-year period, things finally looked up again. The dark circles under our eyes eventually dissolved and our stress levels resembled normality (this stuff is not magic, we’re still in business you know). So there you have it.

    If there’s anyone out there who understands the struggles of business ups and downs, staff challenges, cashflow droughts and how to invent and re-invent your business, it would be us. Hands down!

    Here are a few of the startups we have helped get off the ground:

    Why Innovest Delivers



    The Mentors

    Apart from the founders Rick Chisholm and Tala Chisholm, we have amassed a formidable team of mentors. Innovest mentors are experienced professional entrepreneurs from a variety of business backgrounds and industries. It is because of our highly relevant experience and mentor team that we are confident that you can find answers to most of your burning business questions and receive the critical feedback you need.

    Training Icon

    The Training

    The Topics we have selected for the training are based on our extensive business experience. What
    you learn has a direct relationship with where you’re at now. No nonsense or overload of irrelevant information is bothered with. At this stage of your business it is essential that you acquire the business skills to grow, leverage and scale. We give you all the tools to ensure that your effort, time and money are NOT going to be wasted making mistakes and that your path to success is CONSIDERABLY accelerated.


    The Participants

    You will join the training with like-minded similar-sized businesses who share your challenges and stresses. We believe that business owner have to be self motivated and whilst we do provide training and accountability ultimately the onus is on the business owner to make the hard decisions and not have his or her hand held every single step of the journey.

    Facilities Icon

    The Facilities & Resources

    Along with training we also make available Co-working space, 3rd-party logistics warehousing, online training materials as well as access to our own team from VA’s, graphic designer, web developers, programmers, video editors, marketing specialists and social media experts. They can be made available to our members at subsidised rates.

    facilities and warehouse cover

    Have a listen to these awesome people
    Tome Hanly Testimonial

    Tom Hanly
    Australian Business Edge

    I have known Rick Chisholm for a number of years professionally through his business interests as a leader in Australia’s audio- visual industry. Rick is direct and intense in his business dealings, as a person most passionate about his subject matter with a business knowledge which is extensive – including launching multiple businesses, creating a national franchise, engaging a significant team of staff, developing and launching retail models for distribution and online marketing”

    Alex Tess Testimonial

    Alex Tees
    Lawyer and Entrepreneur | Legal Exchange

    Prepare to be dazzled by two amazing business growth specialists that have seen it all. They will inspire you to grow your business asset, bottom line and achieve your goals by leveraging the benefits that should come with being in business. Kick-Ass Growth Secrets is all about making more profits by genuinely solving customers’ needs and nurturing them for life. Kick Ass is loaded with straight forward examples and simple to execute strategies you can use immediately

    Hayder Shkara

    Hayder Shkara
    Neat Law | Olympic Athlete 2013-2016

    When you first start working with Rick, you’ll immediately feel his contagious energy. Rick gave me advice that had an immediate impact on my business. Over the past months, his guidance has been critical to the growth of my firm. I’ve had plenty of sports coaches, so working with a business coach made perfect sense to me. I’m happy to say that it has definitely paid off!

    Veronica Avila

    Veronica Avila
    Co-owner | The Latin Store

    Rick helps us focus on what we’re good at, stay on course and implement new strategies, cut costs, and not make the same mistakes him himself made in his many businesses over the last thirty years. He also helped expand our wholesale arm by licensing our brand to other retailers whilst maintaining total control. He’s also taught us about the importance of KPl’s and how to formulate internal systems to reduce my time in the business so I can spend more time ON the business.

    Rogelio Ernesto Moreno Testimonial

    Rogelio Ernesto Moreno
    ABC Squash and Fitness

    Rick has helped me concentrate on working on my business and to focus on the KPl’s and building a team instead of just working 80 hours a week in the business. The value in Rick as a coach is sitting down once a month and having to answer the hard questions about the business. He’s helped me cover areas of business such as our unique value proposition, who our customers really are, and what they really expect. He has so many strategies that cost absolutely nothing yet create fantastic results!

    Raghid Alchikh

    Raghid Alchikh
    Australian Immigration Law Advice | Translator

    Rick has been my coach and mentor ever since I met him a few years ago.He has always been a great resource for me and helped me review my path many times along the way. I cannot thank him enough for his guidance and motivation. He has helped me with my business and personal development and I will owe him for a long time to come!

    Before you apply

    middle age business men

    This is not a get rich scheme on our part (or yours for that matter) but a subsidised alternative to the airy-fairy soul-searching so-called business training where we get right down to business and give you realistic and actionable guidance. There is NO substitute for GRIT and desiring a business built on RESILIENCE. No amount of fist pumping, board breaking or fire walking can beat getting the job done in a no-fuss alternative on a budget, with real leadership and experience provided by your principals.

    The SME businesses accepted into the program have usually been in business for a minimum of 2 years or have completed Innovest Accelerator. Often they will have staff and an existing revenue stream. INNOVEST SME Mastery is the ideal step in your business growth and scaling journey. We don’t take equity (or a financial share) of your business unless there has been a prior arrangement, which is not often.

    The Innovest IP, processes, training, mentorship and leadership has as an SME Accelerator assisted and supported hundreds of SMEs. Lets Talk!


    All applications need be submitted below

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