How to Measure Results from Training

"What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand." -Confucious Everyone says training can have amazing results, but how can you ensure that the training you are providing for your team is delivering ROI…

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Useless Myths Surrounding Businesses

There are a plethora of baseless lies and myths regarding business activity. From what it takes to be successful to the limits of what you can do, a lot of information that makes the round across the business world is…

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Tips to Improve your Conversion Rate

Entrepreneurs, big or small, all agree that lead generation is the most important thing in all business activity. While this notion is gaining popularity, it is nothing more than just a myth. More than lead generation, your focus should be…

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How SMEs can survive an Economic Downturn

Is Australia heading towards a recession? A combination of factors including rising Australian household debt, the state of the energy market and the fact that Australia hasn’t experienced a recession for 25 years, have led many commentators to speculate that…

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