The 12-Month Scaling Program

“When I started my first business, life looked good!
I was making money, I was in demand and I was loving it!
What more could I ask for?”

But Soon Enough

I came up against the 3 biggest obstacles that most sole operators and small business owners face:

Time Icon


There’s never enough time to work on growing the business, let alone improve my current operations or train staff to help me out. I was king s$%t in my business, so there were never enough hours in the day to get things done.



Cash was often scarce, far too often. As soon as I got money in the bank, I’d spend it on marketing to make more money.. or on staff to help save time.. or on new stock to grow the business. So there was hardly ever enough money…



And when I did manage to have enough money to employ someone to help, I found that they’re either incapable of doing the job as good as I wanted it done.. or they’re just too good… good enough to compete against me! Grrrr

“I was trapped by my own business, working 100 hour weeks, living on breadcrumbs and had zero social life. In so many ways I was worse off than having a job.

But that was 35 years ago. And since then I’ve learnt a trick or two.

I worked out how to bridge that gap from lifetime-jail-term-business to scalable- saleable-real-business in all my 28+ businesses in the following 30 years

… and you can too!

With Rick Chisholm - dash

Join Our 12-Month SME Scaling Program and Learn:
  • How I overcame those 3 mighty beasts
  • The business formula that works for EVERY business, whether you’re in personal training, e-commerce or wholesale. If you use this method to prioritise your efforts, you WILL get there
  • How you can have your cake AND eat it too, by doing the thing you love (aka the reason you started this business) but still have a lifestyle that won’t suffer if you feel like taking a break for a month or two… or three
  • How you can escape the life sentence of small-business-jail and get your
    life back..

Because you’ve earned it!!

The Program
In this 12-Month Program, we meet (online) every month for a 3-hour Coaching and Mastermind session where we:
  • Discuss the progress on your individual goals with direct feedback from myself and Tala, my co-founder.
  • Host a Mastermind session where you can raise some of your challenges and seek suggestions and recommendations from ourselves and the other members of the group
  • Tackle one burning topic from the list of challenges that commonly face SMEs in your situation. Most will revolve around the 3 barriers: Money, Time and People. We give you insights from our experience on the subject and help you set goals for learning and action steps for the upcoming month.
This is the summary of the topics discussed in each of those 12 sessions over the course of the year.
As you can see we cycle through the most urging needs of the three barriers to scaling your business :
  1. Understanding the status quo, 12 months planning & goal setting: Intro: Time, Money, People. Managing next 12 mths.
  2. Time: Your Time, time audit, categorization of tasks, tools. Delegation: what to delegate, how to delegate for best results
  3. Money: Cashflow strategies, cost cutting, Outsourcing
    – even NASA outsource!!
  4. People: Performance Management, one on one, team structure, job descriptions, self assessments, chain of command,
    life back..
  5. Time: Standardisation, procedures, central locations
  6. Money: Marketing & Lead acquisition: measuring, testing
  1. Time: Efficiencies, team time audit, time management, recap on your time
  2. People: recruitment, interviewing, strengths, weaknesses, where are the genius zones for each team members/management team members, understanding DISC and behavioural profiling
  3. Money: Improving sales conversion rates, USPs, team training
  4. Time: Automation, prioritization, tools, productivity,
  5. Money:Creating raving fans! What does it take, strategies to improving recurring revenue
  6. People: Encouraging Innovation, empowerment, initiative and ownership in your team members.
  7. Recap: at end of month 12 – Scaling, next steps
We know change is hard.
We know there will be difficulties and unresolved questions
We know that one size does NOT fit all.
Therefore, you will also receive:
  1. A Personal One-On-One Implementation Coach to follow up with your on a weekly basis.
  2. Access to Our Team Up-skilling Library of 112 online courses. As you probably know by now, finding people with
    the right technical skills is not the biggest issue. Most commonly, it comes down to how they interact with each other and your customers, how they manage their time and develop their skills further. These skills are labelled ‘Soft Skills’ and are often harder to learn than technical skills. Our Library allows you to put your team’s soft skills training on auto-pilot. Working on skills such as: Management, Supervision, Time Management, Productivity, Goal Setting, Sales Conversion, Lead Acquisition, Marketing strategy, Handling difficult customers, Telephone Etiquette, Communication to reduce errors and scope creep and much much more. You can have a look at the library here
  3. Access to the online Business Owner’s library of training subjects. You’ve already reached some growth in your
    business, so you have a reasonable understanding of business. However, there are nuances to perfecting and tweaking this business, including a closer look at financials, cashflow management, recruitment, marketing and sales strategy that specifically apply to you when looking at the big picture. You receive access to this library as
    well to pick and choose the areas that you would like to dive deeper on. The list is quite extensive and access includes weekly webinars on specific topics to keep the learning going.
  4. Membership to a private Facebook Group which we will be monitoring for questions.
  5. We are also available to you for one-on-one advice during the 12-month period when you are looking for
    confidentiality or individual advice on specific topics.
All this value from two seasoned and experience serial entrepreneurs for only:
$1,497 + GST (if you live in Australia)
per month in 12 equal payments
One $14,970 + GST
upfront payment for the 12-month program,
get 2 months free!

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Michel Nicholson Profile

“Innovest doesn’t provide your garden variety training and mentoring.The entrepreneurs and mentors in residence provide practical information and advice, which embody a ‘lean’ mantra. I have improved orders of magnitude each day. Just when you think you’re getting comfortable, these guys cough up confronting and challenging idea’s and IP and you improve by another order of magnitude.”

5 star transparent



“Incredible wealth of knowledge and great directions to managing and growing a successful business. Rick is a seasoned entrepreneur!”

5 star transparent



“When you first start working with Rick, you’ll immediately feel his contagious energy. Rick gave me advice that had an immediate impact on my business. Over the past months, his guidance has been critical to the growth of my firm. I’ve had plenty of sports coaches, so working with a business coach made perfect sense to me. I’m happy to say that it has definitely paid off!”

5 star transparent



““Rick helps us focus on what we’re good at, stay on course and implement new strategies, cut costs, and not make the same mistakes him himself made in his many businesses over the last thirty years. He also helped expand our wholesale arm by licensing our brand to other retailers whilst maintaining total control. He’s also taught us about the importance of KPl’s and how to formulate internal systems to reduce my time in the business so I can spend more time ON the business.”

5 star transparent



“I have known Rick Chisholm for a number of years professionally through his business interests as a leader in Australia’s audio- visual industry. Rick is direct and intense in his business dealings, as a person most passionate about his subject matter with a business knowledge which is extensive – including launching multiple businesses, creating a national franchise, engaging a significant team of staff, developing and launching retail models for distribution and online marketing”

5 star transparent



When I think about the interactions I’ve had with Rick, whether that be more recently or from more than 25 years ago, I’d have to say that Rick is determined, enthusiastic, driven, polished, prepared, well-drilled, hard working and dogmatic.

5 star transparent



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