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We’re all about enabling small businesses to succeed.

Innovest SME isn’t your standard incubator or accelerator; our game plan is something special. Sure, we can help you with funding, because cash flow is super important in the early days of a business, but we do much more than just that.

This is how we help you build your business faster, better, cheaper:




Co-Working Space

Sharing is smart when you use our no-frills professional shared office space. With us you don't have to pay unnecessary features like gyms,barista coffees and architectural masterpieces!

Reception, Meeting & Training Facilities

Leveraging our facilities is the best way to save on overheads! From phone answering to meeting rooms and training facilities all at very affordable rates. Only pay for what you need.

3PL & Warehousing

Need to stock and ship products? You can use our intelligent 3rd Party Logistics system. You only pay for the space you use not by the pallet and the goods you ship out Scalable and totally predictable!



Network of Professional Service Providers

More than 40 SME Experts who have been tried and tested. We'll hook you up with our trusted partners so you can get the preferential rates services without the stress of shopping around.

Becoming More Investible

We help you become investor-ready fast via a bespoke hybrid approach! We'll connect you with investors, angels and financiers and skyrocket your business growth!

Startup Incubator

Apply to take advantage of our Startup incubator. Successful applicants enjoy business mentoring, co-working space as well as free subsidised access to various entrepreneurial training, coaching and consulting



Entrepreneurial Training

Practical topics such as Sales Mastery,Business Cashflow & Financial intelligence, Staff Outsourcing Time.Productivity & Automation hacks & much more

Mentoring & Coaching

Harness the power and afford ability of group coaching.Net-work with like-minded business owners and accelerate your learning curve to new heights

Advising & Consulting

We don't just provide coaching and training. Advising is part of the mix as matter of course of the innovest Hybrid approach

 To find out how we can save on your operating costs, give us a call.

Still have some burning questions?

Send us a message here or give us a call on 02 8007 2907 to get your answers!

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