Staff Supervision

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Training Outcomes

Smooth transition from colleague to supervisor • Improved results from team members • Improved prioritization and time management

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Performance feedback, Staff coaching, Goal setting, Staff counseling & motivation, Conflict resolution


We have developed targeted programs for those new to supervising others. These classes can be delivered as described here or tailored to address issues specific to your group.

Can you get your work done without appearing frazzled, fizzled, and overwhelmed? Skilled supervisors can do all of these things. Learn how to supervise staff get best results without alienating your team.

  • Bridging the gap from buddy to boss
  • Goal setting
  • Giving performance feedback and coaching
  • Handling conflict and undesirable employee behaviour
  • Time management & priorities
  • Resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Counselling and leadership basics
  • MBWA
  • The ‘Golden Trifecta’
  • The tricks to Minimisation of ‘Communication Overhead’
  • How to avoid “Clanning”

Learn how to handle the transition from team mate to supervisor. Master the best practice techniques for giving performance feedback to staff and how a ‘tough love’ culture can be built in your workplace.

Workshops are not lecture-based. Participants can expect to learn and practice using role-plays, group and individual feedback.


Would you like to know more about giving effective performance feedback?

Download our resource book Delivering Constructive Criticism now by clicking here
Delivering Constructive Critism ebook

Staff Supervision

If you would like to talk to us about helping you improve your team supervision skills, send us a message now:


    Delivering Constructiive Criticism ebook